Friday, October 29

NaNo Countdown & Links

October is almost over and the yearly writing challenge is so close I can feel my fingers itching to start my story.  I've been researching quite a bit and really loving my library lately but I wanted to share a few links to great nano posts and not open one book today.  I was really tempted too peek into the Dictionary of Napoleonic Wars by Stephen Pope but I resisted!

NaNo Posts
One site that I have been following for quite some time is Paperback Writer.  Every Wednesday she posted great resources to pump us all up for Nano.

Nathan Bransford has been doing NaNoWriMo Boot Camp.  I really like the idea of boot camp, especially one that won't make me sweat!

Yingle Yangle, a blog I found through the NaNoWriMo blogchain, has a series of posts preparing for nano.  Here is the most recent Countdown to NaNoWriMo Part 7: Why NaNoWriMo Naysayers Should Please Shut Up.  

StoryFix has some last minute NaNoWriMo tips and I found #3 on chapters and #4 story structure very helpful.

I've already linked to it everywhere but you need to head over and check out NaNoWriMo now if you haven't already.  Two days to go and while I'm anxiously waiting for my first AlphaSmart it is time for me to fill as many plot holes as I can.  Compared to last years "pantser" NaNo I'm extremely prepared but there is still so much I'd like to do before starting the book, like describing my main settings!  Now it is truly all about doing.  Oh and having fun.

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