Friday, August 13

20 Regency Romances: eBay Listing

Okay so out of about 200 I've boxed up around 100 Regency's.  Aren't you proud!?  I thought of doing the Paperback Swap, but that means I'd be getting more books in and I'm trying to weed them out.

I listed these books, they're in good to acceptable quality because many are as old or older than me!
Check out my sale here or look at the list below.

Do you have any of these too?
Gayle Buck
Lord John's Lady

Julie Caille
Change of Heart

Marion Chesney
The Banishment
Black X on cover
Marilyn Clay
Felicity's Folly

Corinna Cunliffe
Play of Hearts

Megan Daniel
The Reluctant Suitor

Marian Devon
Defiant Mistress

Zabrina Faire
The Romany Rebel

Ellen Fitzgerald
The Heirs of Bellair

Elsie Gage
Your Obedient Servant

Barbara Hazard
The Royal Snuff Box

A Surfeit of Suitors

Valerie King

Judith Lansdowne
Just Perfect

Nancy Lawrence
Delightful Deception

Alice Chetwynd Ley
A Conformable Wife

Alicia Meadowes
Sweet Bravado

Freda Michel
The Price of Vengeance

Judith Nelson
The Merry Chase

Clarice Peters
London Tangle
Tear in cover

The Royal Snuff Box
There were some good ones in this batch.
And Barbara Hazard is always a great read.

15 Zebra Regency Romances: My first eBay Listing

I hope I don't sound spammy for gushing about this everywhere but I am so excited to be selling instead of Regency's on eBay for a change.  Here's the listing.

Originally, I planned to review the 200ish books in my collection, none of which have shown up here.  But I've written about 25 so that is a good okay really bad percentage. Maybe it is time for me to make a list to keep track of all my regency's because I'm watching one auction right now but out of 50 books I have 20!  Scary, huh?

First Ebay Listing!
Have you read any of these?  Is one a favorite story or author?
15 I've read...

Jo Ann Ferguson
His Lady Midnight
Maria Greene
Captain Hawkins' Dilemma
Karla Hocker
The Impertinent Miss Bancroft
Kate Huntington
Town Bronze
The Merchant Prince
Martha Kirkland
That Scandalous Heiress
Nancy Lawrence
Miss Hamilton's Hero
Laura Paquet
Miss Scott Meets Her Match
Julia Parks
Fortune's Fools
Cynthia Pratt
The Black Mask
Joy Reed
Lord Caldwell and The Cat
Jeanne Savery
A Handful of Promises

An Independent Lady

Smuggler's Heart
Hayley Ann Solomon
My Lady Luck 

The Merchant Prince

This one from Kate Huntington was a bit unique

The main character had a crush on a priest! But it isn't what it seems.
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