Monday, January 31

eBay Regency Book Sales are Back!

I sold three boxes of books last week and have three more on eBay this week.  It's nice because I can finally get back into my closest where my overflow was piling up.

22 Books: 25 Regency Historical Romances Layton & more! Is over on February 5th and has four Edith Layton books.  I usually like her but only kept a few of my favorites.  

40 Traditional Regency Romances Including Hazard & Buck is also over on February 5th and these were harder to part with because I love the old school Regency Romances.  I've read all of them at least twice but didn't make the keep pile for one reason or another.

Here are two reviews (don't read if you don't like spoilers) of books from one of my sales.  They are from An Evening at Almack's a lovely Traditional Regency review blog.

Once I've cleared out all my books I'm going to read through my favorites pile one more time and cut again.  Got to make room for more don't I?

Sunday, January 30

Write1Sub1: Month One

I thought doing Light Ray would be a breeze but between weather and car woes this month has been very unorganized.  I did submit a short this month, my first attempt ever and I'll be finished with my short, titled Road Rage for the moment, today or tomorrow at the latest.

What I've learned so far:

  • Create a writing schedule that is realistic.
  • Stick to it.
  • The more I write the more story ideas I come up with so write them down!
  • Reading about others success is inspiring so I'm visiting W1S1's blog & group on AW.
For my other January goals, well I didn't complete them all but it is better than last January!
1 down 11 to go!

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