Tuesday, November 30

Hit 50,229 Last Night!

Just past midnight I, with bleary eyes and fingers sticking from making magic bars, won my first NaNoWriMo!
It felt great, I wanted to scream and shout instead I ate a magic bar and went to bed.  If you're still working towards your goal keep it up you've still got 12 hours if you live in Eastern Time like me.  It was a great year and not unlike last year I've learnt so much but also have a list of things that this month has taught me.

I'll share it with you later now I think I'm going to take a nap.

Saturday, November 13

First Major NaNoWriMo Head Bang

Arrg, eep, roar.

Thanks, I feel better now.  I planned on starting my story in 1814 when my MMC comes home from sea and is reunited with his family but I happily jumped into writing backstory from 1805 and 1809 plus hinting at a change in his relationship with his wife 1811.  I wasn't planning on using these parts in my actual story but now I feel like I should start my story in 1809 when he marries his neighbor as an arranged marriage.  I've been wasting time scouring the internet today because I was curious if my first chapter started in 1809 and the next was 1814 would that be too much of a time jump.

If I start with his homecoming then I'd have to weave all their past subtly into the story and I just don't know how subtle I am.  Plus, I'm too clumsy to be a good weaver.

I rambling but instead of letting this hang me up more than it already has (thankfully just the past two days) I'm going to keep writing.  I can always edit it later right?

Nanowrimo panic setting in!

Thursday, November 11

NaNoWriMo 2010: Day 11 approximately 10,000 short

Well vacation went wonderful and even though I am about 10,000 words below the suggested 18,334 by day 11 I am happy with my progress.  WHAT? No really, I planned with no writing while hanging in Florida but I managed at least five hundred words while on the plane so that is five hundred more than in my figuring out that if I can write at least 2,000 words a day with a few 5,000 word crams then POOF I'm a goon I'll hit my goal of 50,000.

Sorry between writing my nano novel, coming up with PiBoMo ideas and singing children songs to my friends adorable friend for a few days I feel like little bunny foo foo.  I want to hop through the forest, scooping up the field mice and bop them on their heads.

Oh right and if you can't tell, I went back to work last night!  Time to play catch up on my story that is after I finish unpacking, go shopping and make some food.

What about you?  Where are you in the NaNo or PiBoMo stream of time?

Monday, November 1

NaNo Starts Right Now

At least here in New England.  No I am not writing this now, but much earlier in the day.  I tried not to think about my story too much today but little nigglingly's kept pestering me until I had to search through my list of links until I found the answers I needed.  By the way, nigglingly's is most likely not a word although I found it in some dictionaries but it is working for me right now.

My Alphasmart that I bought 18 days ago is STILL not here so I'm trying to get used to using my sis's laptop.  That is what I'll blame all my typo's on anyways.  I'll have no excuse for my grammar issues.

Enough words, kick back and enjoy this NaNoWriMo video & get writing!

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