Saturday, November 13

First Major NaNoWriMo Head Bang

Arrg, eep, roar.

Thanks, I feel better now.  I planned on starting my story in 1814 when my MMC comes home from sea and is reunited with his family but I happily jumped into writing backstory from 1805 and 1809 plus hinting at a change in his relationship with his wife 1811.  I wasn't planning on using these parts in my actual story but now I feel like I should start my story in 1809 when he marries his neighbor as an arranged marriage.  I've been wasting time scouring the internet today because I was curious if my first chapter started in 1809 and the next was 1814 would that be too much of a time jump.

If I start with his homecoming then I'd have to weave all their past subtly into the story and I just don't know how subtle I am.  Plus, I'm too clumsy to be a good weaver.

I rambling but instead of letting this hang me up more than it already has (thankfully just the past two days) I'm going to keep writing.  I can always edit it later right?

Nanowrimo panic setting in!

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  1. You can definitely edit later! Working with what you've already got will be much easier than the initial process of just trying to get something down. Good luck for what remains of November~


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