Sunday, October 10

Finally got a title for my Nano story!

Albeit a tentative one.  I wanted to put One Man's Duty but kept giggling, talk about maturity.  Instead I went with Sir Rycroft's Duty.  Okay, so I'm still chuckling.  This title is just my working one for a few reasons.  One of which is because I still haven't decided if Sir Rycroft will be his name.  What do you think of Sir Sebastian Rycroft for the second son of a so far unnamed lord (I was leaning towards an Earl but need to check my peerage information) who is an officer in the Royal Navy?

Here is a picture I took downtown Salem, Mass the other day and used it as my book cover over at Nanowrimo.  Excitement is building and I'm getting to know Sir Sebastian (who until a few hours ago was named MC) after I interviewed him.  Now I need to spend a bit more time getting to know FC whose age ranges from 12-22 throughout the story.

After November is through I'm planning on going through all my old stories and working on a few children series before I tackle anything of this magnitude again.

Currently reading:  1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose

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