Tuesday, October 13

Barnes and Noble Where are the Writing Books?

909BookI stood in front of the two cases devoted to writing and punctuation at my local Barnes and Noble befuddled and torn.

Let’s digest that for a moment, two cases on how to write in a book store?  There was more space allocated to calendars, gifts, and even toys.  I think my first job as a library page spoiled me and led me to have higher expectations from book stores, especially the huge monster ones. 

Even so, Barnes and Noble did have one case on guides, personal experiences and specialized per genre.   The other case was mainly filled by dictionaries in a assortment of sizes.  There were so many titles that I walked out empty handed not sure which I should get first.  I did take a few pictures to remind myself of a few that peeked my interest. 
Page after Page by Heather Sellers
The Oxford: Essential Guide to Writing by Thomas S. Kane
The Little Red Writing Book by Brandon Royal
Have you ever read any of the above?  Would you recommend it to your easily confused mother or dog?  Or is there a book you feel that every storyteller should have?
I hope I don’t sound whiny, because I had a grand time browsing the shop and reading the end of more than one book.  I was especially excited to see stories like Amelia Bedila in the bargain books.  I love my bargains!

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