Tuesday, October 20

NaNoWriMo Participants from Problogger Community

There are so many ways to make lists of insane people enthusiastic nanowrimo participants.  Writing Sya’s list from NaNoWriMo forums, InkyGirl's list of nano buddies, and Absolute Write's nano user names thread are just a few examples.

Since joining the Problogger Community I've been reading a host of new blogs and was excited to see a few who have done the contest in the past or are planning to do it next month. Links are to posts tagged nanowrimo and their nano profiles when available. 

Are you part of the Problogger Community and NaNoWriMo?  Drop your links in the comments and I'll add you.         

Signed up for 2009:

Future Conscience 

Marelisa Fábrega

Tracy O'Connor on NaNo

Santacruz on NaNo

Benjamin Solah

Zombie Skittles on NaNo

Oh, and me :)

Have you made a nano list?  Share it below.

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  1. I'm TooFondOfBooks on NaNo ... must get to work! Have fun with this :)


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