Tuesday, January 26

Monthly Word Count

500words-150wThis month was very unproductive in relation to my NaNo 09 novel.  I haven’t made my goal of 500 words 6 days a week yet this month but with school starting yesterday I’ll be counting my articles and that should beef up my word count.

Last week I wrote four days on stories, all short, and three of those days I made my 500 words goal.  Yay!

Things that made me happy:

  • I wrote four teeny, tiny tales for a friend’s newest family member.  In fact, writing about the little princess while she was being born was pretty inspiring.
  • I don’t usually write short stories for anyone other than five year olds but two more adult themed came out and surprised me.

Things to improve:

  • My grammar! 
  • I’ve tried to work on my NaNo novel but I cringe whenever I open my notebook.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Questions I’m wondering.  Perhaps you know?

  • How short can a short story be?
  • What do you do when your main characters make you sleepy?

That is all for now.  I’ll be working hard… or hardly working.


  1. Have you visited this site: http://www.creativecopychallenge.com/ ? It is a great exercise to help with your writing skills. And it fun.

  2. How short can a short story be? If you go for flash fiction - pretty short. For traditional short stories, I've seen them anywhere from 500 words or so, up to probably 10,000 words or more. It really just depends a lot on what the individual story requires.

    If your main characters are putting you to sleep, then something needs to change. Maybe spend some time with them, do some interviews, find out more about them. Sounds like maybe something is missing in their character development - or perhaps, there isn't enough conflict.


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