Sunday, January 24

2010 Challenges: Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge

Here is another blog challenge that I just couldn't resist.  Hosted by C.B. James over at Ready When You Are, C.B. the Read the Book, See the Movie challenge is right up my alley.

Here is a bit about the challenge but check out C.B.'s site for more info and suggestions.

Select a challenge level.  Post your level in a comment on the post linked above.  I'm starting on the Double Feature: two books/movies level but think I'll be upgrading it.  

started 1/1/10 and lasts all year.  You can count it with other challenges (great since I'm using two Jane Austen books from another challenge).  

You don't have to write a full review on both but can write a brief bit about the book or movie at the end of your full review of the other.  
I'll be writing a review on the book here and a short bit of a full review I'll post on another blog, Opinionated Ant.

My list so far

1.  Pride and Prejudice/ Bride and Prejudice
2.  Persuasion

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