Tuesday, December 1

NaNo Wrap-Up

30 days and over 34,000 words later and Nanowrimo is over.  Not exactly the 50,000 goal but 17,447 shy of it.  Technically, I'm not a winner but with a busy schedule and unexpected happenings which always seemed to pop up during my writing time I'm pumped that I completed even 65%!

Will I do it again?

Yes. I've learned much about myself and my writing habits.  I tend to use the same words over and over again.  I'm better with dialogue than with descriptions.  I didn't research nearly enough and my characters were not as solid as I thought they were.


What would I do differently?

More Research! 

If I do the same genre I'll have much already done but even if it isn't I'll know what basics to start with.  

Geography, History, Language, Food, Customs, Clothing, Transportation, etc :)

Character Development. 

Instead of just filling out a questionnaire I'll spend more time visualizing the characters and imagining how they would react to situations.

Scheduled Time to Write.

- Go to Write-Ins.  That way I'm not home to get distracted by anything and everything.

- Do more Word Wars.  

- Warn people to stay away from me.

- Cut back on superfluous activities.  I did cut back on TV & Movies but... distractions can be so much fun!

Would you do it again and if so would you change anything?  Share below!


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