Sunday, November 8

Nano: Week One

I wrote a lovely post on my week and what I learned... it got erased.  Err.
So this will be my lesson for the week:  

Backup your story.  Back it up, back it up.

I'm fortuate that it wasn't my story and was a small post.  Otherwise I'd be very upset right now.  Okay here is my weekly NaNoWrimo review.

After 7 days I am behind schedule but not devastatingly.  I wrote every night at work and had a good start.  There were a few hiccups, I got real ones too, but I'm finishing the week with a smile on my face.

If I get stressed I'm looking at my fellow nanoers as inspiration.  Some hit the 50,000 mark on day three!  So if I get down to only a few days to go I'll ask myself what they would do.  Then I'd lock myself in my room and ignore the telephone.  Oh wait, I already do that!

I'm writing in a notebook at work and then recopying it into yWriter when I get home.  I'm noticing two things; I'm doing a teeny tiny but of self-editing and I'm using time when I could be writing NEW words. 

Things I learned from this week
  • My characters are doing what they want and I'm learning more about them
  • I'm getting more familiar with yWriter
  • I like getting nano gifts (a Wonder Woman notebook-sweet)
Things I'll do differently next week
  • I'll copy my notebook notes over once a week and spend the rest of the time on new words
  • Participate in Word Wars.  With friends & maybe on Twitter
  • Set aside time for research or fact finding.
What about you?  How are you surviving Nano?  Was there something you disliked/liked about the first week and are you planning on changing any strategy next week?

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