Tuesday, December 13

Written in December: NaNo Came and Went

The National Novel Writing Month blew through and I didn’t even post a token update! That doesn’t mean I forgot the challenge, I won my second out of three attempts and changed my genre from regency to fantasy this year. The past two got too bogged down my large gaps that led to research binges so I thought redoing a fairy tale story I started as a teen would be easy. Sounds great, right? Two words... 

World Building 

Yep, still needed to research not just the sayings and cultures of a bygone era but everything! It wasn’t that bad- somehow I was able to avoid the siren’s call to truly research everything. Still I have huge gaps to think about so finishing and editing it should be interesting.

 I also wrote some twitter fiction (10) and 4 other stories around 50 words plus I subbed one so I made my monthly goal!

The new year comes with its own Plan of Attack!
Now comes the hard part- finishing it!

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