Thursday, August 20

Meet the Dabbler

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Hello! I'm C. This year I decided to test my sanity to the limit by signing up for NaNoWrimMo.
The Goal:
50,000 words in one month.

Four college classes a week.
Four nights of work a week.
A disorganized mind and desk.

Research my heart out.
Outline, Character sketches, and the like.
The Plan:
2,000 words a day.
Enjoy every second!
What can you expect in the coming months at Word Dabbler?
Since I am already playing catch up on my fictional character blog I'm only committing to posting here two days a week; Tuesday and Friday. That way I'll be able to spend more time on writing!

Just a warning to any who happen to stumble across my quest; I ramble, I rant and generally make no sense which I blame on lack of sleep.

What about after NaNoWriMo is over and sanity returns?
Naturally work on the mess that is my first draft of a novel!
In the NaNoWriMo off-season (sorry I just made myself giggle) I'll post reviews of book, mainly fiction (children's, fantasy & regencies) with a smattering of non-fiction.
Are you getting ready for the NaNoWriMo too?
Add your link to Twitter, your blog or profile on NaNoWriMo's website.

I'll be using @cmckane for writing updates but you can also find me @opinionatedant. My profile and this blog!

Check back soon or add the feed to your favorite reader.

Have you done the novel writing challenge before? What was your experience like? Any tips for new people (me) and seasoned challengers alike? Leave a comment below!


Next Post tomorrow: Picking my story. How did you pick yours?

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